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Thinkers50: Linda Brimm – The key to retain Global Cosmopolitans

Preparing to Study Abroad. Steven T. Global Cosmopolitans can often identify family members that travelled the world generations before they were born.

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  6. While they might see a connection to their own stories, they believe that modern technology and their current position in the world gives them both a very different experience and perspective. There is no formula for identifying Global Cosmopolitans. People respond to different aspects of the journey that I describe. While individuals react to different perspectives of the Global Cosmopolitan experience, what makes this identity group distinctive are the challenges that they have encountered and the opportunities for learning they have experienced. They are a distinct category of people with a unique outlook on life.

    It is certainly true that they gain rich perspectives from different cultures and languages. But this traditional passport-based view misses the greater expertise that a new generation is developing as Global Cosmopolitans.

    Studying the phenomenon of Global Cosmopolitans, I have identified a set of five important characteristics that frequently develop as a result of the complexity a Global Cosmopolitan lifestyle. These characteristics are often overlooked in favour of the more visible signs of global experience, such as cultural mastery and language ability. Dr Brimm's research and consulting interests currently focus on Global Cosmopolitans. Her groundbreaking book, Global Cosmopolitans, The Creative Edge of Difference, published in September , combines her study of identity development and change in the lives of the next generation of global leaders and the use of narrative writing and analysis.

    Her work has been described as presenting 'a whole new concept of careers, and thereby, becomes one of the most important career development books published in the last decade'. While her earlier work focused on competence and challenges affecting identity for people in relatively early career and life stages, her current research focuses on people that are in a different life stage and have experienced significant success in their professional lives. Her current research examines the lives of Global Cosmopolitan senior executives and entrepreneurs.

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    Using a narrative approach she is pulling together, through their stories and analysis, the impact of different life stages on the lives of Global Cosmopolitans and the impact of growing up in a different generation and in a different global context. This work should also afford an understanding of the ways people find to manage what appear to the outsider to be seamless transitions from one world to another.

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